"Going Green"  



HBR is "Going Green"   

June 2008- Mr. Matt Olson is pleased to announce HBR Middle School is now part of The Illinois Solar Schools Program, sponsored by the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, teaches the value of renewable energy and energy efficiency to K-12 students. By turning school buildings into hands-on science experiments, this program makes science fun and teaches students how their everyday actions can positively impact the environment. HBR Middle School won a grant for $10,000 for the installation of 1 kW PV systems. The solar panels were installed on the roof of school across from the science lab. As students sit in science class they will be able to see the 1000 watt/hr solar panel system. We will be able to reduce our electricity consumption by using a clean renewable fuel that is free. To enhance the educational value of the system, online monitoring to provide real-time data on the amount of electricity generated is included in the grant so students can log onto our website and see the results. Since the program’s launch in 2006, the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation has awarded $530,000 in grants to 53 schools to support the installation of 1 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Each typical solar school installation will generate about 1,200 kWh of electricity per year and help avoid 3600 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions. As apart of this project students will be expanding our school recycling program, taking part in more energy labs, and be apart of a solar fair. In the fall we will have more details of this project and will start tracking our solar impact.



Side view of solar panels during installation